Contemporary Christmas Trees

Wow your clients by adding a unique design element to your christmas display. Turn your christmas on its head and stand out from the crowds!
Upside down trees

The way the tree illuminates is breathtaking and was the talk of our Parties at Three Rivers Golf & Country Club...


Its an illusion.. Its not a tree!! but it looked amazing and our guests loved it!!


Upside Down!! it became the talk of the Christmas.. It looked great but left space for our party revellers to enjoy.. It soon became the point for photograpghs.


If you want to be different and have fun at your venue, then why not take a risk and have an upside down,Illusion or even hang the tree over head.. 





The Upside down tree, comes in White, Black, Brown and Traditional green! But theres nothing tradition if its upside down!!!



Just a lot of fun instead.


Complementing your trees!! A little extra

From Reception desks, to mirrors and cabinets.. It always a great idea to complement your Christmas trees with decorations!


Vases, Lights, Baubles,Snow and a whole heap of fun, and interesting ideas... 


Take a look through our gallery for some fantastic ideas...


The Elfettes are waiting to get started!



Full complement


Glasware, Lights,

Props and much much more...


Call to arrange a consultation


Lady Santa (TJ)


07931 756128



You cant be without a Door Wreath

We are renowned for our beautiful wreaths! From Giant 5ft wreaths for entrances and overhead arrivals to main hotel entrance and small more intersting wreaths fro your windows and doors..


Choose your collection and we will match it in with your trees...



Glamorous and

beautiful Wreaths

to welcome your

Christmas guests.

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